The hotel Platzl and the private brewery Ayinger are connected by a very special bond. For several generations, the two traditional houses have been owned and led by the family Inselkammer.

The brewery and the hotel worked closely together to open the AYINGER IN DER AU, like they did with several other projects before. The first independent inn of the Ayinger Privatbrauerei in Munich boasts an interior design that is true to the original style of a brewery cellar. The typical hospitality of Munich and the perfect mixture of trend and tradition is of primary importance to the Platzl houses.  

Together with the hotel Marias Platzl, our ensemble at the Mariahilfplatz is all about our love for hops and homeland – because Munich is our home and the art of brewing our passion.

The origin of this philosophy dates back 140 years. It was an ancestor of the family Inselkammer, Johann Liebhard, who, served the guests of his tavern his home-brewed beer for the first time, in February 1878. Back then, hops and grains were obtained from farmers in the immediate surroundings, which still is the case today.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Johann Liebhard transferred the prospering brewery to his daughter Maria and her husband August Zehentmair. Those good times at the end of the old century were then followed by difficult decades at the beginning of the new (the First World War, the Great Depression). However, thanks to smart economic decisions and the high quality of the beer, the brewery could be kept running. With the introduction of bottled beer in the 1930s, the business eventually began to boom. By that time, the brewery possessed lorries, with which the beer could also be delivered to taverns in Munich.

It was during this time that the married couple Maria Kreszenz and Franz Inselkammer took over, because August Zehentmair had died unexpectedly. National socialism and World War II meant another period of stagnation. Only in the 1950s, with the beginning of the economic boom in Germany, the Miracle on the Rhine, those times of struggle were finally put to an end.

After having received a professional education as a brewer, the oldest son of Maria Kreszenz and Franz Inselkammer, Franz Inselkammer II., joined the company in the 1960s. He then transformed the company into one of the most progressive breweries in Europe. In order to stay competitive, he decided to build a new brewery in 1999. Up to the present day, the Ayinger beer is brewed from local ingredients and following traditional rules – today under the management of Franz Inselkammer III., who took over as “Bräu von Aying” (brewer of Aying) in 2010.

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Since fall 2018, the Platzl family has grown! With the "Marias Platzl" and the "Ayinger in der Au", we have the opportunity to inspire you with an even larger range of services!


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