Magical Day Trips to the Five-Lake-Region

Metropolitan flair and relaxing in the open country can go together – especially if you choose to visit Munich in the summertime.

Metropolitan flair and relaxing in the open country can go together – especially if you choose to visit Munich in the summertime. Spend a day shopping on the Maximilianstraße, before heading to the Bavarian Alpine Uplands the next day and enjoying the beauty of nature. Highly recommended in the summer is the Five-Lake-Region on the outskirts of Munich: not only one of the most beautiful and idyllic places in the whole of Germany, but each of the five lakes is less than an hour away from the Platzl Hotel. At the time of year when the weather is good, they are the perfect places to go swimming or sit in a beer garden!

The lakes in the Five-Lake-Region:

  • Certainly you have heard of it in the media and TV: the famous Lake Starnberg (Starnberger See)! It is far more than just a place where the rich and famous choose to live in their mansions though. The second biggest lake in Bavaria was a popular place to relax and recuperate hundreds of years ago, which is why princes and kings chose it as the backdrop for their majestic summer retreats. Along with those visiting the stately homes, in the summer it is popular with divers, those lucky enough to own a boat, visitors in search of fun, and ramblers taking a stroll. If the traffic conditions are right, you can get there by car in only half an hour from the Platzl.
  • No less popular than Lake Starnberg in the summertime is Lake Ammer (Ammersee). Thanks to the strict nature protection regulations, the quality of its water is superb, which is why it is so popular with bathers and sun worshippers. Those who want to experience nature at its most unspoiled can be certain of feeling at home in this conservation area for nature and birds, which is only an hour's drive from downtown Munich.
  • The third biggest lake in the Five-Lake-Region is Lake Wörth (Wörthsee), which is one of the cleanest lakes in the whole of Bavaria. The thick areas of woodland around its banks are an invitation to enjoyable walks, or why not hire out a peddle boat and visit the legendary "Mausinsel"? It is less than 40 minutes away.
  • Lake Pilsen (Pilsen See) used to be part of Lake Ammersee, and like its big brother much of it is a conservation area. This lake impresses with its variety of natural plant life and its high quality water that attracts many anglers. Schloss Seefeld is an architectural highlight and overlooks Lake Pilsensee. It is a 45-minute drive from the Platzl.
  • Lake Wessling (Wesslinger See) is the smallest of the five lakes, but is still on a par with the other lakes in terms of natural beauty. Dense reeds and woodland surround its banks and allow for quiet hours on the water: the ideal conditions for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while! Lake Wessling is a 45-minute trip on the train or car journey from the hotel.

The ideal way to finish your city break

Have you booked your city break in Munich already? Were you attracted by the many cultural amenities, sights and museums, shopping facilities and beer gardens that it offers? If you want to finish your city break in the perfect way, we recommend you take a day trip to the beautiful Five-Lake-Region. Those who are especially active might want to visit by bike – we will be pleased to lend you one of our Platzl bikes, which come with a picnic basket. You can tour all five lakes by bike in around two hours. Arrive and enjoy!


Image source: Pixabay flyupmike